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SBAs and Influencers

Why use student brand ambassadors and influencers?

Students are notoriously difficult to market to; above the line marketing just isn’t as effective with students as it is elsewhere. It’s not easy to grab their attention, but it also isn’t an audience that any brand can afford to ignore. We believe wholeheartedly in the power of peer-to-peer marketing, which is why we use student brand ambassadors and online influencers. And our results speak for themselves!

Who are they?

An amazing student marketing campaign needs the right people behind it. Our rigorous selection process ensures that we recruit the best and brightest from each university, and that they’re the best fit for each brand. Our hand-picked teams are made up of confident students with great connections, both on campus and online.

What do they do?

What works in Aberdeen doesn’t necessarily work in Aberystwyth, which is why our teams of student brand ambassadors are so important – they give us current, on the ground information, allowing us to adapt campaigns as necessary. From running events on individual campuses, to nationwide social media campaigns, our student brand ambassadors and influencers have got it covered.

PR and Media

Why use a student focused public relations campaign?

With over 2 million students in the UK, they’re a huge demographic. Most students are also at the age where they are beginning to make independent decisions about what they buy, and which brands they choose. Any forward-thinking brand should be targeting students at this key point to build a brand loyalty that could potentially last a lifetime.

What works?

Since the usual above the line marketing isn’t very effective with students, it is vital to find the right channel for your message; just because you put something out on student media, doesn’t mean the right audience is going to hear it. We work with our clients to identify KPIs, and then set clear targets for our brand ambassadors to offer quantifiable results.

What do we do?

Over the years we’ve built strong links with campus-based student media, alongside nationwide media outlets. Managed by our in-house team, our brand ambassadors work to identify the most relevant media for each client’s message. Our student brand ambassadors then work with these platforms to produce and publish content.

Experiential and Events

Why are on-campus events so important?

What better way to get students talking about your brand than to turn up and show it to them? Running an engaging event is the perfect way to get students excited about your brand, and the rest of the university talking about it too! On-campus events are a great opportunity to engage with your target audience and create a memorable experience for your consumers.

What kind of on-campus events are best?

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to on-campus events. Each university is different, and what works at one might not be the best for another – that’s why we have our brand ambassadors to advise us. We create bespoke and original events for each of our clients to provide maximum impact every time.

What do we do?

From pub quizzes to life-size domes, photobooths to pop-up house parties, our on-campus events are designed to generate that all-important buzz and get your brand noticed. It’s our mission to create engaging and cost-effective events that reflect our clients’ brands and offer students something different and memorable.

Online and Social Media

Why use social media for student marketing?

Almost 96% of UK university students actively use social media. This proves that social media is not a platform that can be ignored if you want to target the student market. Social media is a fantastic way to reach students if it’s used properly. Pick the right platforms and utilise the right people, and get your brand noticed by this huge audience across the nation.

What works in social media marketing?

Social media is about more than just a large following – it’s about placing the best content in relevant places for maximum engagement. With a large variety of social platforms available, and unlimited content options, it can be tricky to know how to handle a social media campaign on your own. Since our brand ambassadors are part of the student market themselves, they know what students on their campus want.

What do we do?

Whether you need help amplifying your current social media messages, or you want your social followings built from scratch, our teams of social savvy brand ambassadors and online influencers, have got you covered. Our brand ambassadors are great sources of information and coupled with our in-house experts we can co-create all the content you need to make an impact online.

Consultancy, Insight and Co-creation

Why do you need a consultation?

The student market is a tricky one to crack. Luckily, we’ve made it our mission for the last 20 years to figure out the best and most inventive ways to get students’ attention, so brands can benefit from our experience. Whether it’s on-campus events, social media campaigns, market research, or any other student-focused campaign, we have the brand ambassadors and in-house team to sort you out from start to finish.

What insights can we offer?

Campus Industries has decades of experience working with the student market, but we can offer so much more insight than just our own. Our student brand ambassadors are involved in the campaign from day one; they conduct on-campus research, are involved with brainstorming the big ideas, and can advise on nailing down the logistics for their campus. Their unique insight gives us on the ground information and means we can adapt a campaign to maximise its impact on each individual campus.

What do we do?

We offer a huge range of services, each tailored to our clients’ needs. We can help you out whether you just need some guidance as you’re getting started, or are ready to plan a whole campaign. Online or on campus, we have the experience and team to give you the best advice and help your brand shine.


Why use our locations services?

We currently have brand ambassadors at more than 80 universities across the UK; from Aberdeen right down to Portsmouth, we’ve got you covered wherever you are. Whether you’re wanting to hit every university in a nationwide campaign or you want to target just one or two, we have the people in place to make it happen.

Campus took care of everything and were really proactive and flexible. I felt that they really understood the student market inside out and were able to put the brand into student culture really authentically.

Kizzy Brand Manager Europe Smirnoff

Campus deliver results within budget and on plan (to be factual, they have over-delivered on sales expectations for the past 5 years, within budget). Campus are without doubt one of the best and most successful partnerships we have had at Virgin Media, both face to face and online.

James Business Development Manager Virgin Media

Campus Industries is an exceptional student marketing agency. Their knowledge in student marketing, digital and events has significantly contributed to our success of the Q6 campaign. They are very positive, enthusiastic, accommodating and easy to work with. We’d love to work with CI again and highly recommend them!

Articha Marketing Executive LG Electronics

The experience and knowledge Campus have in the market is the best we have seen, and we know it well. This enables them to be extremely creative on our campaigns and they continue to evolve and be ahead of the market with ideas and solutions. Our brand is very important to us, Campus respect it and act like an extension of our team.

Ferial Head of Subscriptions Europe The Economist





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