From Unicorn Tears to F*cking Strong Coffee, Firebox really is the place from unusual gifts!


The wanted to spread awareness and introduce their brand to students in a different and funny way, reflecting their brand values. So we put on our very own student comedy night on FROM SCRATCH – Firebox Flaming Mic Night 🔥


We sourced all the acts, arranged and dressed the venues and ran all the promotions to sell tickets to the event.


As well as the amazing comedians we also built an interactive Firebox Lounge that was filled with all their weird and wonderful gifts, including a giant teddy penis and 6ft blow up dinosaur! During the intervals the students could grab a Firebox Cocktail made from their alcoholic Unicorn Tears and Soda whilst playing with all the cray stuff in the Firebox Lounge. We also ran competitions during the comedy night to show off more products and gave away discounts to be used on We had a chilli chocolate eating challenge and a huge game of pass the parcel with there infamous crap wrapping!


One of our most unique and successful campaigns to date.


  • 4 comedy nights across 4 universities
  • Every event SOLD OUT (over 800 tickets sold)
  • Over 800 discounts codes used

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