Why be a Student Brand Ambassador?

Why be a Student Brand Ambassador?

Picture this: you’ve woken up after another night out with your flatmates, overdraft looking severely depleted from £2 doubles and barely any change left to order a recovery Domino’s.


You spend the morning (okay, let’s be realistic – afternoon) scrolling the web to find any way of getting some cash in your pocket, but you only find suggestions that just seem like too much hassle.


For over 15 years now, we’ve been offering students flexible, very simple ways of earning cash alongside their studies, so that they can carry on enjoying uni without sacrificing too much.


Essentially, we hire student brand ambassadors on a part-time basis to work with leading brands like LG, Smirnoff and NOW TV (to name a few!) on remote campaigns that you can do from anywhere. For the most part, the roles are digital only, but we also offer the chance to work on some exciting events in person too.


So, what are some of the benefits of becoming an SBA? 


Flexible hours

Ambassador roles are a great way to earn money at the same time as studying. No matter your schedule, you get to work around your studies and exams as well as other commitments such as clubs and social events, or even another job. 

We’ve had SBAs do their entire role from Southeast Asia funded by us (see Zara’s experience here) which gives you the chance to live your best life without compromise.


Unbelievable pay and incentives

Whether saving for future travel plans or just for general nights out, you have the chance to do more with your time than just work. You’re totally in charge, and so the more hard work and enthusiasm you’re putting in, the better your earnings will be. We’ve even had some superstar SBAs make over £10,000 on campaigns like Virgin Media – no, that wasn’t a typo – proving the opportunities with us really do not have any limits.


We also constantly run offers and incentives to keep everyone we hire excited and motivated throughout their job. Some examples of our regular prizes include:

  • An all-expenses-paid trip to Bali for two
  • The ultimate student house party package (security included!)
  • Flights and city breaks across Europe
  • Electrical gadgets (such as electric scooters, Apple Watches)
  • Shopping vouchers for your favourite retailers
  • Bottomless brunches & spa trips


Developing your skills

Think about it: what better way is there to learn than by doing?

Working with brands gives you the opportunity to use your knowledge and skills in real-world scenarios. You will be taught key marketing and sales strategies to successfully promote at your university. This will allow you to develop important communication and organisational skills that employers look out for – leading to future career opportunities and contacts that can benefit you now, and in the future!


It’s super sociable

You will be able to meet new people, gain new skills and even make friends along the way, whether that’s your fellow SBAs or people you network with on-campus. 

Peer-to-peer marketing is invaluable because it boosts your social skills and confidence, which is key both for your personal and professional life!


Whether you’re looking for a short-term gig or want to make your career in this industry, there are many benefits that come along with being an SBA. 


We hire students on a regular basis, so check out our open roles and apply now: https://campus.startlingstaging.com/student-area/