Top student marketing trends

Top student marketing trends

Students. One of the biggest consumer segments out there. Also, probably the most easily influenced. We’ve worked with students doing student marketing for years. So, we have a pretty good idea of what student marketing trends we believe are worth giving a shot.

Trends change quickly with the times, but here’s our top student marketing trends to try right now!

After the buzz of Freshers dies down what can you do to keep your campaign rolling…


Video content is more effective than written ads


65% of people take in more from seeing images apposed to written ads.

Video helps to build trust by engaging and igniting emotions with the person viewing it. Also it’s easy to consume and share, meaning you should definitely be including video in your marketing strategy. As we know the majority of users browse the web using mobile devices, video content appeals to these people using mobile technology.


Personal voice assistants are revolutionizing the way we find out information


55% of households in 2016 had personal voice assistants.

With this one it is important to remember that you have to have a website that ranks highly in Google searches. Things like Amazon Dot only pick up results from the top couple of websites. The easiest way to optimise for voice recognition is using natural language, as this is the way we speak to these types of devices.


Make sure your website is mobile-friendly


60% of traffic comes from mobile devices.

An easy and probably quite obvious one but nonetheless one of the most important, you need to make sure your website is mobile friendly! As this is where half your traffic is going to come from it would be silly to not optimise for it. This is probably one of the biggest student marketing trends as students are one of the biggest users of mobile technology.


Having a blog


80% of companies that have a business blog reported acquiring customers through their blogging efforts.

You can direct a high level of traffic to your website from a blog. It can also be a really good way to get backlinks, by doing guest posts and getting people to guest post on your blog.

Blogs can also help to give your company a more human feel, can help people to get a bit more of an insight into your work, ideas and company culture.


Use social influencers/ brand ambassadors


Consumers are starting to lean more towards trusting peers and friends rather than big name celebrities, this is where influencer marketing comes in.

Influencer marketing is such a big thing at the minute. Which, in turn, means this student marketing trend is definitely going to grow in popularity too.The difference between the two is that influencers usually only work with a brand on a short term basic whereas a brand ambassador is more for a long term campaign or working with a brand on more than one different campaign.


Using Instagram Stories


Instagram Stories can be an amazing way for marketers to engage with their consumers by humanising the brand. For example, when a brand goes on a PR trip or are doing a photo shoot for a new product the followers can be brought along too it getting a kind of behind the scenes look! This, like I mentioned above helps to humanise the brand.

Instagram Stories can also be used to interact with followers, by being able to add features such as polls, hashtags, gifs and stickers.