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‘A dream come true’: Campus Industries student brand ambassador wins all-expenses paid trip to Bali

Expecting to be taking part in a focus group for Campus Industries, Zara, one of our student brand ambassadors from the 2021 Virgin Media campaign, arrived at a bar in South West London with no idea that she was actually about to win an all expenses paid trip of a lifetime for her and a friend.  

There was no catch: we just believe hard work pays off and our ambassadors are rewarded for it!

Zara excelled in the 2021 Virgin Media brand ambassador campaign. Over the course of Easter to early Autumn, she worked alongside a nationwide network of her fellow students to generate sales for Virgin Media’s superfast and super cheap student broadband. This is an incredible job opportunity for ambitious students who want to get a headstart on their career, as our ambassadors gain real life experience in sales, marketing and branding, and get to put an international household name on their CV. From generating leads to posting on socials and running on-campus events, the skills our ambassadors develop are varied and valuable. 


Alongside all the career benefits, Campus Industries and Virgin Media strive to make the campaign a genuinely fun and exciting experience for students – it really is the full package! Zara was only one such student ambassador who reaped the benefits of her work with us. Our student ambassadors have been rewarded with gadgets, cash prizes, festival tickets and more! 


The best part? It’s a level playing field. Just hit your targets and be in with a chance of winning the holiday of a lifetime.

So not only does working as a student brand ambassador for Virgin Media give your CV and bank balance an incredible boost, you could win some amazing prizes and experiences as well. For a flexible, part time job that allows you to work remotely, the payoff is really high. This isn’t just a student job that you can easily fit around your social life and summer plans, it could actually end up improving them as well. As long as you’ve laid the groundwork before term wraps up, generating sales can be a breeze. Zara even got sales while laid in the sun on the beach in Greece! If you’re worried about how you’re going to fund your summer plans and still find time to study, this could be the ideal job for you. 

Zara said of her experience:

‘There’s not a lot of jobs out there where you could win a trip to Bali. It is honestly a dream come true and I’m so so grateful, thank you so much to Campus.’ 


We’re still hiring for our 2022 campaign, so if you want the opportunity to tick some dreams off your bucket list and earn amazing money along the way, apply below: 


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