Earn extra cash for your club or society

Earn extra cash for your club or society

How to earn extra cash on top of your existing partnerships

Here at Campus HQ, we love working with clubs and societies, no matter the size. Over the past 7 years, we have raised over £250,000 cash for university clubs and societies in the UK! This year we want to help you raise even more.

We realise it’s easier for some clubs and societies to raise funds than others. We have worked with clients such as Lucozade, Virgin Media and Smirnoff to create sponsorship packages that work for all clubs and societies, large or small.


Big club or society

Our partnership packages are ideal for you! You may have existing sponsors who want to be your main sponsor and even tell you how to spend your money. We don’t ask for anything or tell you what to do with your earnings, the money raised from our partnerships will be cash, and that cash is yours to do whatever you want with: social events, equipment, travel, reduce fees, anything!


Medium or small club or society

This is the perfect opportunity for you. Our packages have no minimum requirement and and we have made everything so there is no limitations. The really cool thing is that our partnerships are designed to allow you to go beyond the size of your membership to get the most value from your wider student network, not just within your club or society.


“It couldn’t be easier”

“No brainer”

“We could buy whatever we needed”

Don’t take our word for it – check out some of our teams from last year:


We are now on boarding clubs and societies Virgin Media Campaign

Virgin Media is our biggest partner and raises more cash than any other. We are looking to onboard as many clubs and societies for our 2022 campaign ASAP so if you would like to take part or just want more information please just fill out this form and we will be in touch soon.



Any questions, feel free to contact our partnership manager Robbie Williams (yes that is really his name) rob@campus.startlingideas.com or call  0113 244 1010