A year at the largest student marketing agency in the UK

Marketing agency (tick), screams creativity (tick), covers all areas from digital to face to face marketing (tick), and an impressive clientele (tick). At first I thought I was asking for too much when searching for my perfect placement… until I came across Campus Industries. They specialise in marketing directly to students, offered me the opportunity to travel, and (I would soon find out) of course, held the best work nights out imaginable.  It was my type of placement ‘on paper’ and it became reality when I joined the team last July.


I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous on my first day… who wouldn’t be? However, the unknown also sparked excitement for me and I was ready to put the student lifestyle on hold for the year and become fully immersed in Campus Industries.  I was now part of a team where no one member of staff is the same, the personalities were all different but they perfectly bounced off each other, creating an equal and lively atmosphere – and I soon realised, that’s what creative marketing agencies are all about!


Campus Industries briefed me on all of their active accounts and assigned Account Managers which included clients such as Lucozade, LG, Circle Pay, The Economist, and NME (previous clients had included Virgin Media and Smirnoff). Everyone is able to work together and get creative on each account at some point, which is exactly what I wanted, no one is pigeonholed into one line of work- we all pitch for all clients. I specifically chose to work in a Marketing Agency for this reason, I wanted to work on different projects from a range of industries, gaining as much experience as possible.


Fresher’s is the busiest time of year. From July to October all the creative brainstorms and planning become eye-catching and successful on campus events.  As the leading agency specialising in student marketing, Campus Industries have proven that they’re so successful at connecting brands with the student market (check out their case studies), because they’re experts in everything from concept development to design and production, to logistics, activity execution, promotion and staffing student brand ambassadors.

One of the best things about working with Campus Industries is working with huge international brands…



One of my favourite clients to work on during Fresher’s was Lucozade because student’s love Lucozade! They swarmed to the stand where we were sampling the new Lucozade Zero range, offering prizes and a unique engagement concept. Students had a 5 second countdown clock, aiming to hit a big, fat, red buzzer bang on 00:00 seconds to be in with the chance to win an ultimate house party kit. 5 seconds meant a quick turnover (58,000 game-plays in total) so everyone could have a chance. The attraction and excitement one buzzer caused was crazy and in total we handed out 129,00 samples across 85 Fresher’s events!



I also promoted the new LG Q6 phone across campuses nationwide. The stand was ginormous and definitely couldn’t be missed. The engagement concept was focused on promoting the unique features of the LGQ6 phone such as the ‘selfie hand grab’.

Alongside that, we also wanted to achieve high numbers from data collection, so we created a competition where students needed to input their data and take a selfie using the ‘wide angled’ camera lens. They would then be in with the chance to win an LGQ6 handset and their selfie entry would also appear on a TV screen incorporated into the stand. If their photo was picked they won a quirky LG keyboard – student’s love the idea of immediate gratification!

Working on different campaigns during Fresher’s definitely made me realise that I love face to face marketing, not only because I’m generally a chatter box but because the results you get from bringing the product directly to the target market shows that people are open to trying something new, and therefore the results are always rewarding!


StudentUniverse – Taiwan

Managing the Taiwan Event for a one off client Student Universe was definitely up there with my highlights. I was given the majority of the responsibility over this campaign, so I really got to input all the skills I’d picked up over the course of my placement. Student Universe wanted to encourage students to visit Taiwan and collect student data.

I liaised with the client, and we agreed to replicate a traditional Taiwanese night market, serving bubble tea and offering the opportunity for students to win discounts off of flights. I had to source all the assets, design the stand, communicate with members of the Taiwan Society, carry out pre-promotion including leaflet handouts and social media posts, and make sure the event ran smoothly on the day!

The tech department also built a data collection app, which was used on the day. Student’s had to enter their details to be able to get a free bubble tea. The event went amazingly, and we collected over 1,000 sets of student data, so I’m very proud of myself with this campaign.



Digital Marketing is also a massive aspect of what Campus Industries do and they incorporate it into every campaign.  Whether it’s sourcing micro influencers or building data collection apps for clients they offer an inclusive range of digital marketing tools. If Micro Influencers is a new term to you, check out my blog post to find out more about why Campus Industries love them and how successful they have been for clients such as Reon and LG.


However, I will wrap this blog up by saying that I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to work at Campus Industries. I’ve experience and worked on every stage of a campaign from start to finish, and I’ve met some amazing people along the way. Now, hopefully I’m equipped to smash a 1st class degree in my final year!

If you’re interested in doing any work experience at Campus Industries please email sophie.c@campusindustries.co.uk

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