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Cosmo On Campus - NTU-0147

We’ve just finished our Cosmo on Campus October campaign, and what a blast it has been! We have now distributed over 2.5 MILLION copies of Cosmo on Campus and we are looking forward to the next 2.5 MILLION!

If you haven’t seen it (what rock have you been under?!), Cosmo on Campus is the younger sister of Cosmopolitan magazine, with student-focused content. From articles on how to deal with lad culture to fitting in at your university, Cosmo on Campus brings up the relevant issues of student life. And the best part is that we hand it out for free, along with some cheeky freebies!

On our Cosmo on Campus UK tour we handed out 250,000 copies across 80 universities with the help of 200 student brand ambassadors. If you missed us fear not, we’ll be back in February with 250,000 copies of the brand new issue! You can stay up to date with where we are when by following us on twitter @cosmooncampus & @CampusHQ. You don’t want to miss out when we come and visit a university near you!


We are always looking for confident and passionate students to join our ever growing Cosmo on Campus team so if you’re interested in getting involved, and gaining some invaluable work experience, click here

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