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Bursting with ideas

We’ve got oodles of experience marketing to students (we’ve been running the Guardian’s on campus activity for 3 years) but we know we don’t know it all. So we ask our in-house experts:

We brief our brand manager team on all new business in order to get the freshest and most effective ideas.

National but Local

What works in Aberdeen won’t necessarily work in Aberystwyth. We know what works where and liaise with our local brand managers to ensure what we do is tailored to the local campus.

A campus university such as Warwick often requires very different tactics to a city campus like UCL.

Not a number

Students are far from a cohesive group.  They’re as easy to market to as people with beards.  It’s important to target the individual and not just cling onto the beer swilling, dreadlocked stereotype.

Tactical Planning and Management

‘Back at base’ we have the skills, experience and talent to work with clients on the most cost-effective strategies and tactics to produce results.  We will formulate the most appropriate creative approach and have the systems to ensure that what you’re paying to get done, gets done.

Whether you want one-off ideas or have a need for us to tailor existing campaign activity to work with fickle and cynical students, we can do it.

Online Reporting

We have a tried and tested online reporting system so clients can have direct access to our team’s work. Above right is the client login area. The system allows clients direct online access to the reports of the brand managers across the country. As well as defining the reporting options the client is able to see photographic images of their work.

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