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Why do I want a student focused public relations campaign?

With approximately 1 million students in the UK, they’re a huge demographic. They also tend to be at the age where they are beginning to make independent decisions about what they buy and what brands they buy into. This means it’s critical that brands’ public relations campaigns target students at this key turning point in their lives.

Compared to the wider population, students get a lot of their information and learn about brands in completely different ways. Each University has its own student media channels and the student community consumes content from outlets developed with them in mind.

Hannah Qurashi The Guardian

This means a one-size-fits-all campaign is unlikely to have a big impact on students. Therefore, it’s important for brands to take a different approach with the student market. Students learn from other students, so if you’re targeting this unique audience your campaign needs to utilise student media, partner up with strong local student brands as well as student influencers themselves.

What we do

Over the years we’ve built strong links with campus based student media alongside nationwide media. Managed by our in-house team, our brand ambassadors work to identify the most relevant media for each client’s message. Our student brand ambassadors then work with these outlets to produce and publish content.

We only recruit brand ambassadors with the right contacts on campus to ensure that we have access to the best student influencers; such as student bloggers, sports captains and society heads who can help amplify our clients’ messages on-campus.

What works?

Just because you put something out on student media, doesn’t mean the right audience is going to hear it. We look at the most relevant audience and work from there. Based on this we can identify which channels are going to be the most effective for your campaign.

Once at this stage, we make sure we recruit students that both fit the brand and have access to the right channels. We work with our clients to identify key KPIs and work with our brand ambassadors to set clear targets which means we can offer quantifiable results.

We’ve been running the student arm of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s Know Before You Go public relations campaign since 2012, take a look here at what we’ve done.

Get in touch

If you want to find out more about how we can help with your student targeted PR, call us on 01132441010 or drop us a line.

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