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The Philips Student Ambassador Programme

The Role

We want some brand ambassadors who stir up some real beard envy. Think you could influence others through your top trim?

Philips OneBladers are taking over in Leeds, Sheffield and Newcastle and it’s time for some well-groomed men to take on the challenge of reviving facial hair on campus. You’re not promoting a razor, you’re starting a campaign to keep beards on campus with a tool that can help shape your future. (Or at least your face).

Men’s facial hair styles have changed and being clean shaven is no longer the norm. Despite the change in trend, the tools which men have at their disposal have remained the same. Philips OneBlade is the biggest innovation in male grooming, providing men with a solution for all their beard needs.

For more information on OneBlade please visit

We are only recruiting at the following 3 universities: University of Leeds, University of Newcastle and University of Sheffield.

Our new recruits will get to:

  • Work flexibly managing your own time
  • Get relevant work experience that will look great on your CV
  • Receive a great rate of pay with tons of bonuses and perks
  • Get loads of branded stash
  • Get to work managing and executing stand out experiential activities & PR stunts
  • Receive full training and your own kit – Training date Friday 21st October
  • Be first in line for grad schemes

We need someone who:

  • Is confident & personable with a strong social media presence
  • Is creative with excellent marketing skills
  • Has an understanding of how to drive sales
  • Is comfortable chatting with anyone and everyone
  • Loves to get that extra mile with their facial hair

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