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By Myles Jensen Apple recently confirmed that the average iPhone user unlocks their device 80 times a day, 6-7 times every hour, 560 times a…


Before starting university, I had never heard the job title ‘Brand Ambassador’. However, three years later, having worked as a BA for five different brands…


If I was anyone’s type on paper, we’d be off to a good start but we can only dream. Love Island has quickly become our…


Over the past year, I have been working on campus at the University of Bath as a Student Brand Ambassador for the Foreign & Commonwealth…


It’s a Thursday evening in Bristol. Your house mates are busy putting the finishing touches to their homemade outfit for tonight’s “mobster and lobster” themed…


Back in September 2016, we were excited to introduce Circle Pay’s social payment app to the student market. Last week, we were given the news…

Fused clubs

After 5 successful years with the Virgin Media campaign, Campus Industries have teamed up with Fused Bills to give students – and the clubs and…


I’m currently in my final 2 weeks of my placement with Campus Industries, based in Leeds. I am on an undergraduate sandwich course studying International…


At Campus HQ we’re always banging on about peer-to-peer marketing, student influencers and hiring the right type of student. We believe that any good student…


Our Virgin Media Student Ambassador (VMBA) programme gives students the opportunity to work for one of the world’s strongest brands and the freedom to run…


Imagine the most awkward joke you’ve ever heard. Then imagine hearing it in front of your parents. Awkward right? Double that awkwardness, then square it,…


After months of preparation September saw the launch of Smirnoff’s first ever student ambassador campaign as the #Classof21 was born! Hundreds of outgoing brand ambassador…

Our friendly intern gives a view on life at Campus HQ.

There are many common stereotypes of students, but in reality, which prove to be true?

As Google acquires Nest to explore insights in your home, we explain how we offer a similar service on campuses across the UK.

Research is telling us that graduate jobs will hit new highs for the first time since 2007, but is it all as rosy at it seems?

Is leaving university with just a degree good enough to secure a graduate job?

The highstreet vs online retail, we’re questioning, “What are the benefits of shopping in-store versus online” and “What lies ahead?”

At the tender age of 17, I have been given the opportunity for the second time to slot in nicely at Campus Industries, doing all sorts of interesting shizzle for the guys here.

Students and media, they go together like beans and toast. But just how ingrained in the student psyche are the likes of Facebook and Twitter, iPhones and TV?

Call me stubborn, but next time I see people scrambling through the shelves trying to find their name on a bottle I will still sigh and grumble to myself “really?”

‘I truly believe the experience and success of the Virgin Media Brand Ambassador role allowed me to stand out from the other extremely high quality candidates’

We’ve just finished helping Virgin Media with its 2013 graduate recruitment intake. Here we give students tips on how to impress at an assessment centre

‘Imagine how much easier Indiana Jones would have had it if he’d had Twitter’

‘Too many social campaigns are small, short-term and lack proof of ROI’

Fancy a heady dose of sun, sea, sand and most importantly SHOTS? Then we’ve got just the ticket to ease those January blues.

What have Usain Bolt and Mo Farah got in common?

We are delighted to introduce the seventh edition of the London School of Economics SU Alternative Investments Conference (AIC).

After another busy Cosmopolitan roadshow our team are back at HQ, see what they got up to for Cosmo…

The Campus team have been up and down the country of behalf of Tuborg, armed with a very special Tuborg Dome and photobooth…

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