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University: Bristol University

Course: Economics BSc

Tell us a secret…

I’m scared of ladybirds… one pooped on me when I was ten and I haven’t liked them since.

Would you rather meet 50 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

Duck sized horses sound nicer, makes me think of my little pony! A horse sized duck on the other hand would be pretty scary, a big loud quack would be annoying too!

Favourite part of being a student?

Living with lots of friends, meeting people from all over and long holidays.

Why did you choose your uni?

I’m from London so I like being in cities and Bristol always has lots going on.

Favourite part of working for Campus Industries?

Having the opportunity to meet a lot more students. Also getting to work with fun people and think of clever new ways to market such great publications around Bristol University, at such a discount too!

What are your future dreams and aspirations?

I’ve set myself a target of learning French by the time I’m thirty! I’d like to stay in London and use my degree to find a job in the city which I think would be so fast paced I’d never have a boring day!

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