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University: University of Surrey

Course: Bsc Business Management

Tell us a secret…

I once won a writing award for a poem I wrote.

Favourite part of being a student?

The companionship, I really enjoy meeting new people and living with my friends has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve had, I hope to keep these friends forever.

Why did you choose your uni?

I chose Surrey because it was extremely good for graduate jobs and had a sandwich placement

What’s the best campaign you’ve worked on with Campus Industries?

I have only just started working for campus mags so I haven’t actually started a campaign yet. I’m really looking forward to it though, representing the Guardian and The Economist on Surrey Campus should be awesome.

Favourite part of working for Campus Industries?

I like the idea that I can work my own hours and be flexible about my schedule, the great people I work with and the flexibility the company has with letting its brand managers contribute to ideas and planning. It’s probably the best job a student could get. Thanks for the opportunity guys.

What are your future dreams and aspirations?

My future aspirations would be to graduate with a 1st class degree and then to secure a graduate position with a big financial services company, working as a management consultant, and move to Los Angeles.  That would be the realistic option, however the true dream would to become an active musician and make a living writing songs and playing my music. Or writing scripts for film and media. That would be my ideal life.

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