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University of East Anglia


BSc Economics

What 5 things would you need if you were stranded on a desert island and why?

A friend – because life is always better when you have someone around.

My iPod – because music can change your mood and outlook on things.

A good book – preferably a long series to keep me going as I love reading.

An oven – you can’t always cook on a BBQ and I love cooking.

My phone – I always like to be able to get in touch with people.

Favourite film and why?

The Lion King – I grew up with it and it still makes me laugh (Timone and Pumba!) and cry (when Mufusa dies) every time.

Tell us a joke.

What’s white and goes up? A confused snowflake.

(Yes, it came out of a Christmas cracker but I like it).

Tell us an embarrassing story…

When I was working in a pub for the summer I tripped down a step and spilled a tray full of drinks… The whole beer garden cheered…

What does the last text message you received?

“Morning you! You hard at work? Have finally woken up now lol, been watching some of the old friends, the older ones are the best! Esp Chandler and Joey LOL As you can see am working hard this morning 😉 xxx”

Would you rather meet 50 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

50 duck sized horses! I love miniature animals!

Favourite part of being a student?

Living with my friends – one of them is always doing something funny

Why did you choose your uni?

It’s perfect for me; it ranks highly for my subject and its location is fantastic; I love the city and it’s so close to some beautiful countryside – also it’s close enough for my parents to visit frequently but far enough away to be independent.

What are your future dreams and aspirations?

I want to see the world!!!

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