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Work Experience. For many this word conjures up bad memories of making copious amounts of tea or sweeping up the blue hair of old ladies. However this is not the case for me. At the tender age of 17, I have been given the opportunity for the second time to slot in nicely at Campus Industries, doing all sorts of interesting shizzle for the guys here. Why so soon to work young one? I hear you cry. Well, as much as I love working here (so much so I decided to come back AGAIN) it’s the fact that this is sure as hell gonna look groovy on my UCAS application.

Currently I am embroiled in a university hunt. I have travelled to far and distant lands, encountered terrifying lecturers and survived treacherous traffic jams, all to look around an institute where I’m going to allow myself to be clawed back into the paws of education. But it’s what I want, and it’s what I am determined to make happen.

Let’s look at it from this angle; you have two potential students – me, and some other dude. We both have pretty average grades (as let’s be honest, how can one possibly reach that A*AA target without severely damaging oneself along the way?) however one of us – me – has some cracking work experience at a bustling, lively marketing company on two occasions. The other guy? Well, his extra curricular activities translate to him sitting holed up in his sweaty room all day, turning into a zombie who smells of something suspiciously like BO on his Xbox.  It’s pretty clear which one of us would be more likely to be considered as a serious applicant.

I have been advised by so many professionals and tutors that it’s not just the grades that matter on your university application but everything else you do as well as that. They don’t want boring, know-it-alls who spend their spare time revising. They want rounded individuals who do sports, or have experience working for a respected company ~ahem Campus Industries~ or have skills in performing arts, or have been a strong member of a community. These are the types of gems they want at their uni. These are the real competitors.

So I guess all that’s really left to say is thank you to everyone here at Campus for giving me the gift of a competitive edge.




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