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Most people’s first thought when they see a simple marketing idea is “why didn’t I think of that?” However, in this instance Coca-Cola’s new share campaign isn’t exactly the most original idea in the world *cough cough* Starbucks.

Have other companies thought of it and just given consumers too much credit assuming they expect something a little more cerebral? Or has Coke been the only brand to see the simplistic genius behind the idea? Or perhaps a Coke intern just nipped to Starbucks to grab a coffee for the marketing team whilst they were brainstorming for their next big campaign. Either way, it has been a huge success and has enabled consumers to connect with the brand unlike ever before. Coke have once again managed to make the brand that’s known all over the planet very personal and engaging. However, call me stubborn, but next time I see people scrambling through the shelves trying to find their name on a bottle I will still sigh and grumble to myself “really?”

What isn’t debatable though is that providing a more personal experience for a consumer will increase brand warmth and can only have a positive effect. Although the digital world of advertising is a vast and hugely exciting one, more engaging campaigns on a face-to-face level will always make your customers feel that little bit special and enhance their brand loyalty.




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