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The New Year always promises fresh starts, new beginnings and people promising to change their old ways. The dreaded New Year’s Resolution. No matter how many times a person says they will stick to their pledge of giving something up or changing themselves for the better, it is very rare that they will even last until the end of January. As what was supposed to be for many a ‘dry January’ draws to an end, I have compiled a list of what I think are the top 10 student resolutions that have already been broken:

10.  Drinking less– but what do you expect with all of these cheap ass student nights?

9.  Spending less time on Facebook and getting a life– but stalking people on Facebook is the best way to spend a night in if you’re trying to drink less.

8.  Try to get a good degree– but if you’re not drinking, then doing coursework seems a lot more boring than stalking all those interesting folk on Facebook.

7.  Making more of an effort on appearance– but when it’s cold and snowy outside, being warm and toasty seems to be the best option, and it just so happens that joggers and UGG boots are the best combination to keep you from getting frost bite.

6.  Picking up a new hobby– new hobbies can be overrated and expensive, lounging around in bed on Facebook is free and you already know it makes you happy.

5.  Not holding a grudge– growing up and maturing is the way forward, letting go of anger will stop those frown lines from becoming permanent on your face, but as soon as you see the problem again, the hatred comes back and you realise that mature people hold grudges too. After all you’re only following your elders.

4. Saving money– what money? Students are skint.

3. Stop Smoking– holding a grudge takes its toll, and this is the only way you can maturely vent your frustration.

2. Exercising regularly– did you know that you burn calories whilst you’re sleeping, that’ll do for me.

1. Dieting– good healthy food is a lot more expensive and time consuming to cook than getting a double cheeseburger from McDonalds or calling up for a takeaway.

By Nikki Perkins, a Campus Brand Ambassador at Leeds Trinity University


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