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When completing my usual daily schedule of procrastination, tea drinking and aimless Facebook trawling I stumbled upon a post I thought looked pretty interesting. It was a job ad from Campus Industries, offering students the chance to act as a Brand Ambassador for Virgin Media on their campus. As a Business student with an interest in technology and keen to pursue a career within marketing, I thought this looked like the ideal role. After applying and getting the chance to meet the team, I was offered the position and was thrilled.

As I had thought, the role suited me down to the ground. I was able to fit work around my studies, use my own initiative, coming up with creative ways to promote the campaign and I turned out to be pretty good at selling Virgin Media to my fellow students. To be honest though, the best thing about the role was all the money I was making – let’s just say the Nando’s were on me!

Come December it was time to start looking for a job for my placement year and suddenly my stress levels reached unparalleled levels. However, after a long and hard recruitment process, I have just been offered TWO roles for a Marketing Internship at MICROSOFT!

I truly believe the experience and success of the Virgin Media Brand Ambassador role allowed me to stand out from the other extremely high quality candidates and I really appreciate the opportunity and the benefits this role has given me. In an increasingly competitive job market, it seems that experience is king.

Joel Goodhall, a very happy student from Teesside University


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