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For another year our crack team of Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Brand Ambassadors have been drumming the Know Before You Go campaign message into the heads of their fellow students. As the undergrads trudge on through the mire of snow and freezing fog that is “spring” dreaming of their summer escapes to more temperate climes, we have been permeating their (often semi) consciousness by promoting the FCO’s travel safety advice across student media.

Here’s a few extracts of coverage the FCO team have achieved so far.

Alysia Judge, FCO Brand Ambassador at York University:

‘Imagine how much easier Indiana Jones would have had it if he’d had Twitter. By following @fcotravel, he would have seen tweets about dangerous areas during his adventures, thus avoiding the clutches of Lao She. Clued-up Indy would then never have boarded the crime Lord’s plane that crashed into the Himalayas, meaning he would never be forced into a cage suspended above a lava pit in a forgotten temple with the only route of escape involving hurtling down a mine shaft in a rickety cart… completely uninsured.’

Will Spence, FCO Brand Ambassador at Birmingham University:

‘…it’s all too easy to forget the dangers and become convinced that attempting to catch your mate’s lighter from below while leaning over the 9th floor balcony is a good idea. Sober or not, balconies are potentially dangerous and vigilance and common sense should always be applied (as should sun screen!)’

Alex Pashley, FCO Brand Ambassador at Warwick University:

‘Sporting your Dad’s garish salopettes however may be the least of your worries if you underestimate the dangerous mix of altitude, adrenaline and alcohol in the mountains.’

For the rest of the academic year our Brand Ambassadors will continue to fight the good fight and fly the flag for common sense, research and pre-preparation on their campus.


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