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What have Usain Bolt and Mo Farah got in common? They both competed in the London 2012 Olympics (a proud moment for our nation may I add), they both won Olympic gold medals for the 100M/200M sprint and 5000M/10,000M long distance run respectively, they both have their own trademark celebrations and they are both ambassadors for Virgin Media; the latest client to require our expert student marketing services.

For the last few months here at Campus HQ we have been busy looking after the next generation of wannabe Bransons, or as we like to call them, Virgin Media Brand Ambassadors (VMBAs). From the cold and wet of the Northwest to the sun and blue skies of the South, the VMBAs have been busy promoting and selling Virgin Media’s exclusive 9 month student broadband package with £35 credit – the best offer on the market!

The whole project was a huge success, with several lucky VMBAs earning VIP tickets to VFest for all their hard work. We are already planning next year’s campaign and it’s going to be even bigger! So if you fancy yourself as the next Branson or just want the cheapest student broadband on the market, ‘Keep Up’ to date with all the latest info about the campaign on our Facebook page Campus Industries 




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