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So they’re lazy, unhygienic, spend most of their time in the pub and very little of it exercising. At least, that’s what we’re led to believe. The question is however, where did these various stereotypes come from? Research shows, along with our insider knowledge from our crack team of Brand Ambassadors, that these largely are proven to be untrue.

“Students are lazy”

According to research students are amongst the most active demographic. The majority of students asked said they exercised more than once a week and who can blame them; there are a lot of people to impress when you’re at University.

“Students are poor”

After government cuts followed by the tuition prices going through the roof, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think this had a knock on effect on students, leaving them with minimal access to expendable income. Well think again.

According to the National Union of Students, student spending supports over £80bn of UK economic output with student expenditure supporting over 830,000 UK jobs.

In our recent series of interviews with our Brand Ambassador team their recently purchased items have ranged from shopping sprees, to music festival tickets to an Xbox. Not quite the spending habits of those that are ‘strapped for cash’.

“Students go out every night”

Ok, maybe not every night. But research shows that the core club demographic is still of course 18-24 year olds, exactly the age range where the vast majority of students fall.

When speaking to our Brand Ambassadors about their habits the vast majority said they frequented a nightclub at least once a week, with some stating they went out over 4 times a week. Though the stereotype of students going out every night may not be true, there is definitely truth in students having an active nightlife. No surprises there.

“Students don’t do their work”

Whilst a common misconception, can this really lie in truth? They may be hung-over and seemingly lack motivation, but is that something that would truly deter them. This is, for the most part, a false statement, whilst there will always be some students don’t do any work, the majority of them do. Students don’t spend £9000 a year to do nothing. That amount of debt is not something you want on your back just for the sake of a good night out. Students on average come out with a 2.1 classification, which takes a lot of hard work and effort.

As a marketing company we pride ourselves on really knowing students and not just assuming based on pre-existing stereotypes. In reality, we couldn’t work with students on a daily basis and not fully know them.

We make it part of our job to understand what students want, what they value.






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