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There have been several recent articles about students that suggest they’re overlooking typical jobs (such as pulling pints or cleaning tables) in favour of a more “risqué” alternative.

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The term “sugar baby” may not be something you read on CVs, however according to a recently published article 250,000 students are now “Sugar babies” and use online apps/sites to create profiles, interact with and arrange to meet up with older users – “sugar daddies”. These daddies are primarily men, and usually offer a sum of money or an expensive gift in exchange for your company.

There has seemingly been a growing trend in the number of students considering escorting or similar. For example, the newsbeat article in question references a recent study conducted by Swansea University that found that 1 in 5 students have considered sex work of some kind.

So why now? Why are more students than ever steering away from your everyday jobs and turning to selling their own company on their mobiles? The app developers have got their own opinion, believing that the growth in student fees (with yearly costs rising from an estimated £3,000 to £9,000 for tuition fees alone) has led students to search for alternative ways of funding themselves through Uni.

As a student myself, I know the struggles of trying to make your loan stretch to the end of the month, and the challenges of not only affording your weekly shop, but scraping together the cash to go out, buy new things and live that typical ‘do what you want’ University lifestyle. The long hours, rude customers and low wages that come with the more traditional student bar jobs may be a key factor in why so many are finding themselves on these sites. Sugar Daddy could be seen as a quick and easy option to get that new handbag or pay next month’s phone bill, but why’s this form of ‘job’ only become a trend now? I think this could be directly related to the growing acceptance of new attitudes in today’s society, with many traditional views on dating and conservative expectations of women becoming things of the past. I personally think the growth of popular sites such as Tinder, Happn and Grindr, have become increasingly more common for single students to be signed up to and Sugar Daddy has obviously taken the opportunity to become part of this new student culture.

However, personally I will be applying for a lot more CV friendly roles to help fund my student life (and my ASOS addiction!). I see part time work not only as a way to make money but to also gain invaluable experience that will help me stand out when I graduate. If this trend continues to grow I think students may have some short-term benefits but will struggle in the long-term. I’m not sure putting your Sugar Daddy as a reference would go down too well either!

So if you are struggling for work as a student and don’t quite want to succumb to the supposed glamour of being a “sugar baby”, or even if you want to earn so much money that you can yourself one day become a sugar dad or mum, then I do know of some great alternatives. Here at Campus HQ we offer a wide range of Student Brand Ambassador jobs, which are flexible roles where you could be working on behalf of brands like NME, The Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Smirnoff. Working on campus, you can get talking to people your own age (this may or may not be a bonus for you), engage with a wide range of products and learn various marketing techniques.

If you’re interested in student brand ambassador roles, then have a look at what we have to offer in your city. We have lots of amazing account managers to help find your perfect role, and there won’t be a Sugar Daddy in sight!

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