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We’re a bit biased of course.  We think all talented and smart students should get a job. Preferably with one of our clients.

But we’re not alone in that belief.  Khalil Ayub, from our sister company Campus Futures (who look after the grad recruitment schemes for a few high profile companies including Virgin Media) put it rather succinctly:

‘A degree simply isn’t enough these days, we’re looking for things that make the candidate stand out’

And this doesn’t simply mean joining every society under the sun either.   Spending a tenner joining the Custard Wrestling Soc or Hummus Society (both actually exist) is no longer a guarantee of fast track onto the Barclay’s graduate programme.

Campus Brand Ambassador (BA) programmes are becoming increasingly popular and competitive, and getting a role as a BA can really help your prospects.

At Campus Industries we’ve had several members of the Virgin Media BA programme go on to get a role on their graduate programme, in effect the BA scheme acts as a 12 month interview.

The BA schemes are often pretty hard to get on but even working in a bar helps you to stand out from those who couldn’t be bothered.


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  • Stevie Donely

    3:23 pm - Wed, Aug, 2014 - Reply

    Hi there,

    I am a student at Newcastle University and am really interested in working for you on your Cosmo on Campus campaign this year. I got talking to some of your student staff last year (in the laundry of all places!) about it and have been interested ever since. I have seen on the Newcastle University Job Vacancies website that you’re currently recruiting and would love to know how I can get involved.

    I can be contacted on 07805511547 or on the email address given above. I hope to hear from you soon!


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