Campus Industries - Sophies Experience at Campus Industries During Her Placement
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I’m currently in my final 2 weeks of my placement with Campus Industries, based in Leeds. I am on an undergraduate sandwich course studying International Events Management. I chose to apply for the role at Campus Industries because I wanted to work in a small business and learn about the different elements involved in a marketing business. After submitting a CV and cover letter, and attending two rounds of interviews, I was hired as an Account Executive, working mainly on the Lucozade account. As an Account Executive, you are expected to work on a campaign for a client, and assist the Account Manager with the recruitment process, training, and management of the Student Brand Ambassadors.

My role at Campus Industries enables me to have a flexible working day. I can expect to plan up to 80% of my day in advance, and the other 20% will be for unexpected meetings, brainstorms or other jobs I need to do to help other clients and accounts. I have learnt from so many experiences whilst on placement, some have been amazing things I will remember for my whole life! Others, to be honest, have been less amazing; my role has often been very stressful with a large workload which has sometimes got on top of me, but I have learnt from these experiences and I believe they have made me a stronger person professionally.

During the first 5 months of my placement, my primary responsibility was the planning of logistics and management of Freshers. This required me to use my organisational skills (and my OCD) to ensure that stands for Lucozade were set up at various university fairs for a member of staff to utilise. I had to plan the route out carefully as it was important that it was logistically thought through – we didn’t have any time to waste. It was a tough few months of planning, and things constantly changed up to the very day before, or even on the day! I had a lot to deal with but everything ran successfully over the 6 weeks of events which was a really great achievement for me!

I have been able to progress during my time on placement, starting off as an Account Executive and then moving up to Account Manager. It’s a huge opportunity for me to have been given this responsibility whilst still on placement, and this gives me confidence in my ability to show and demonstrate my skills to a higher level which is a good accomplishment for my age and position.

Now that my placement is almost over, I’ve been thinking about what comes next. Honestly, I don’t know what my plans are, but this placement has taught me which areas I work best in and the areas which I don’t enjoy as much. Working for a marketing agency is definitely something I would do again, and obviously, I’d love to work for Campus Industries after I graduate! As I study International Events Management, I worried that my degree would restrict me from learning and applying marketing experience, but this has actually helped me develop an insight into so many different types of marketing, such as guerrilla, experiential, digital, etc. Best of all, the team here at Campus Industries have been so supportive of me, from the very beginning right through to the end. I do think that if I didn’t work with such an amazing team of people, I wouldn’t have enjoyed my placement as much as I have, or learnt as much. Thanks, guys!

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