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Well whether you wanted it or not, there really is no avoiding the fact that Christmas is here and we’re going to spend the rest of December sitting through twee animals and dancing gingerbread men as brands battle for our attentions this Christmas. But what type of advert catches our attentions the most? Ever since the huge success of the Coca-Cola Christmas video advert, other brands have followed suit, rather than just selling their product they’ve moved towards selling us the ‘Christmas spirit’ instead.

According to the IAB video ad spend has increased almost six-fold in the last three years.[1] The benefit of creating a good marketing video is clear; if loved by the consumer it has the opportunity to go viral. Last year alone sharing of videos of online and via mobiles has grown 50% in the first half of 2013[2]. This online interaction is especially true for students as they still fall into the prominent demographic of users, particularly of social media[3] with 75% spending 2-3 hours online a day, which excludes studying[4].

Spreading organically not only means that more people are likely to see the advert but also research shows when something is spread by word of mouth then their peer group is likely to be more receptive. Quite simply, a recommendation from a friend is a more credible form of advertising. All of our brand ambassadors actively back up their on campus campaigns with social media activity, distributing the message as widely as possible through positive endorsement.

Some of the most successful Christmas ad campaigns of 2013 have used this same technique, capturing the feel of the brand thus encouraging its viral journey. These videos are no longer mainly about pushing the product, but the products are subtly in the background affecting us subconsciously.  John Lewis and M&S are both examples of this; in their Christmas adverts the main focus has been to capture the magic of Christmas. The John Lewis video was in the most shared list with 658,098 shares in one week[5]. This easily demonstrates that if your brand has a positive message, and can harness the right group of people to begin sharing the message for you it has the potential to spread like wild fire.







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