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It’s a Thursday evening in Bristol. Your house mates are busy putting the finishing touches to their homemade outfit for tonight’s “mobster and lobster” themed party. However, you are different. You reach for your chic embroidered bomber, load up with stock and take on the night. You know full well that you are in for an eventful, energy-filled evening and, best of all, you are getting paid for it.

Why? Because you are the chosen one: a Reon Brand Ambassador.

Campus Industries joined forces with Fontem Ventures to help launch their new exciting brand Reon – a caffeine product that looks to get the most out of every day for those leading a high-octane lifestyle, Reon has taken Bristol by storm. Commencing in September, we selected a team of unique individuals across both University of Bristol and UWE to help spread the word.

Reon has had a number of achievements in its first year of launching, from being voted the number one house party across the country, to reaching an amazing 30% brand awareness between September to March. Our Brand Ambassadors have the freedom and responsibility to pursue any interest they feel could aid the brand image; whether it’s scuba diving off the coast of Bali, or (après) skiing on the Swiss alps, we back our team. I mean seriously, imagine getting paid to go to any events or festivals you can think of. And that’s not even mentioning the branded merchandise, the insanely good team nights out, or the highly informative training days.

It is still early days for us here at Reon, however, our mark has been made in Bristol and we intend on staying. Luckily for you, we are hiring at Bristol University and UWE. If you’d like to apply, please fill in our quick online application form, or email with any questions. It’s a great way to meet new people, earn extra cash, bulk your CV and, most importantly, get the most out of your university experience.

For more information please follow the link below:

You can also give us a quick call on 0113 2441010.

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