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As the summer jaunts of supposedly “impoverished” students wind down and they start to return back to university for the start of term, we here at Campus Industries have been working with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to ensure that students become travel-savvy and take heed of their ‘Know Before You Go Campaign’, which aims at educating travellers to research their destination before departure and thus avoid getting into trouble.

We have hired the crème-de-la-crème of the jet set circle to act as Brand Ambassadors for the FCO across a number of universities, and with them, we have been getting up to loads of exciting activities across a whole host of campuses. Our events have ranged from travel quizzes in student unions to talks from Foreign Office diplomats. These have been supported in turn by a rigorous digital campaign.

More excitingly though, we have an innovative ‘World Darts’ event stand in production which will challenge students to throw a dart at a chosen country and answer a question on that region, wherever the dart may have landed (on target or not) with a buffet of FCO bounty on offer for all correct answers. All this is in aid of ensuring that the message reaches all future student travellers, whether they be undertaking independent trekking trips to Patagonia or lad and ladette booze cruises to Magaluf.

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