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The Cosmo bus has been parked up, the magazines are long gone and only the odd stray eyelash remains, it was a manic few weeks on the road for Cosmo on Campus (CoC)! Here at Campus HQ we’ve just finished our 6th roadshow for Cosmopolitan magazine, whizzing up and down the country to deliver their sister magazine Cosmo on Campus to students across the country.

The edition was jammed packed with articles ranging from student beauty tips, to cringey confessions and even an interview with Nicki Minaj. It was snapped up quickly by all students, quickly becoming a well deserved distraction from revision! Our troop of student brand ambassadors worked hard to distribute the magazines, making sure as many students as possible got a copy!

The brand ambassadors also made sure students purchased the discounted version of that month’s Cosmo, sweetening the deal even further with free gifts. With items that ranged from Missguided lip-gloss to Eyelure false eyelashes the students really were spoilt for choice.

We’re already in the planning for the next edition that will hit uni’s in September, so keep your eyes peeled!

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