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Apologies in advance for the cliché but if Carlsberg did training days…

After an extremely successful recruitment campaign for the ultimate student job we were very excited to get our new recruits all trained up and Tuborg’d. To be brutally honest we were half way there as most students are already experts in beer!

Campus Industries and the Tuborg Brand Ambassadors (TBAs) team were invited to Carlsberg HQ.  We were slightly disappointed not to be taking our passports for a trip to Copenhagen however Northampton was lovely nonetheless. We were first treated to a tour of the brewery that is located next to the Carlsberg HQ to see how the product is created and learnt some interesting facts and figures about beer – did you know beer is a source of Vitamin B? (any excuse)

The TBAs were very interactive and contributed throughout the day. We all went away from training with a spring in our step and raring to make Tuborg the #1 beer on campus.

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