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We do a lot of on campus activity to promote the print version of The Guardian. During the last year we have also increased our online marketing activity to promote and increase traffic to the website. This has included using social media tools, including Facebook and Twitter, to post real time articles in order to drive people to the website.

It has just been announced that The Guardian saw record site traffic for November, according to the latest ABCE audit. The Guardian was up almost 12% to 2.3 million daily average unique browsers. The title has maintained figures of more than 2m since passing the mark last year.

We are in no way claiming the success is solely down to Campus Industries but we are very happy and confident that it is no coincidence that the rise in traffic to their site coincides with our recent push on online activity for The Guardian. It is satisfying to see that we are helping our clients to reach their goals. We continue to spread The Guardian brand via bricks and clicks to all students across the UK.

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