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After 5 successful years with the Virgin Media campaign, Campus Industries have teamed up with Fused Bills to give students – and the clubs and societies they care about – the opportunity to raise some serious cash.

Working with the Virgin Media campaign, hundreds of clubs and societies raised over £70,000 towards their funds, bringing them real, tangible benefits. Last year, the campaign helped different sports teams buy brand new kit and even paid for some trips abroad!

We are all about working with students to get them the best deals and improving our campaigns and services to make sure students get the extra special stuff. That means we’re really proud to announce that our new clubs campaign is now bigger and better than ever. For those of you who don’t know, Fused Bills gives students an easy and stress-free way of dealing with their bills. Being in big house shares means you can have direct debits going to loads of different housemates and at different times a month. Fused helps you with this: it splits your bills evenly, with just one direct debit a month – you never have to worry about chasing anyone for payments or forgetting to pay someone again! Just check out their website for more details

Also, if you’re a member of a club or society and you’re thinking of ways to raise some extra cash, then this campaign is definitely for you. Not only can Fused Bills help you to manage your bills, but if you sign up with Fused Bills via your club or society, you can earn up to £100 just on your own and this goes straight into your society’s pocket! This is an exclusive deal with Campus Clubs. Plus, you get to choose from a welcome credit of £35 or a free gift box filled with goodies.

To get more information and register your interest fill out our club and society form here

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