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I think I speak for the majority when I say that upon hearing the word ‘nest’, the only thing that springs to mind is a jumble of twigs that birds construct to raise their young. However, Nest has now taken on a new meaning, becoming a place for Google to raise their (young) new smart system.

When I heard about Google’s acquisition of the Nest home appliance business I’ll admit I was slightly confused; why would Google want to make a move into the thermostat and, more recently, the smoke alarm industry?

Was it the safety element or was it the technology? Probably a bit of both but, more importantly, like a stealthy ninja it has given Google a way into your home. Sounds creepy I know.

I’m not a massive fan of acronyms or fairly pointless marketing terms but there are a number of ‘graphs’ that refer to the type of data companies have access to:

– The knowledge graph (what you know)
– The social graph (who you’re friends with)
– The interest graph (what you like to do),

“Google and others have deep hooks into all of the above space but so far no one has made much headway into the physical graph, the pattern that emerges from the movements of individuals and how they interact with physical systems” – Mashable’s Pete Pachal.

Similar to the student market, numerous marketing agencies boast of large email lists and huge amounts of social media reach, which in turn gives them arguably a good reach in social and interest graphs. However, as in Google’s case, the physical graph still eludes them. Here at Campus Industries we not only have hooks in these two areas but what makes us unique is that we also have hooks in the physical graph amongst the student world.

We have our very own ‘Campus Nest Smart System’ – our Student Brand Ambassadors (SBA) – who are our intelligence on the ground at campuses across the UK. It’s as if we have 500 mobile human Nest alarms across 120 campuses gathering and feeding data back to our head office team.
Nest is not just a thermostat, it’s an ‘eye’ sitting in your living room. Equally our SBA’s aren’t just bodies, they are our eyes and ears on campus.

We along with Google know how important this data/knowledge is. How people live and behave provides invaluable insights into how to offer the best products, when and to whom.

Tony Fadell’s conscious home is years away, but we are already here and raring to be your Nest on campus.



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