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Armed with Cosmopolitan Magazine’s younger sister ‘Cosmo on Campus‘, and an infantry of over one hundred student brand managers, Campus Industries ‘cosmo-ed’ over sixty universities this October.

The new semesterly magazine, aimed at girls studying at university, proved a huge success in every location. 250,000 copies of the free student magazine, saturated with the best student tips, confessions and discounts, made their way into the hands of girls on campus.

Our brand managers, clad in Cosmo on Campus attire, hit the streets operating a massive hand-to-hand giveaway of the magazine, whilst photographing the faculty of the fashion elite for the Student Style Wars competition.

Students from Edinburgh to Exeter alike exulted in the pages of the free magazine in-between lectures. So, needless to say, this isn’t the last time you’ll see students ditching classic literature in the library for light relief on the union steps. The Cosmo on Campus army is already preparing for round two in the new year… call it a post-exam treat!

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