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From the moment I walked through the door on my interview day I knew there was something different about Campus.

The first thing that screams at you is the office: I absolutely loved it! Most offices are dull, with grey walls, desk partitions and no personality. Not this one. It’s full of wonderful creations, from the colourful moose’s head to the space invaders, its decor can honestly brighten up any boring office day – not that I ever experienced one at Campus HQ.

Next thing? The people. Bright, funny and incredibly friendly, everyone who works at Campus welcomed me with open arms and really made me feel welcome. I was even given a nickname within my first few hours and from then on in I knew I would like it here.

From day one I was tasked with jobs from many different departments; from planning, to brainstorming for big name clients to proof reading articles for the Foreign Office, I was never just stuck with the same task day in day out. It’s also safe to say my iPad never stopped buzzing from all the social media accounts that I was trusted to help run either. I was honestly never even asked to make the tea!

Luckily for me during my time at Campus I got to experience the development of a new campaign for a very well known Brand. This was incredibly interesting and even quite comical at times, but it was great to see it taking shape. I loved getting involved in the development and actually having my opinion matter.

I loved being behind the scenes and seeing what actually goes into the making of the campaigns that I’ve actually witnessed at my university. Being involved with big brand names was great and pretty much a once in a life time opportunity. I never realised how challenging it was before now, students are actually very tricky to please!

Over the past four weeks I have had many discussions, giggles and debates with the office family and I will honestly never forget a single second of it.

Thanks Campus!



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