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Can you say best placement ever? I can. Here’s me thinking I’m going to be stuck in a university arranged placement, making the coffee and being given all the boring tasks. No no no, being an intern at Campus Industries is insane. Jetting off to events all around the country, working for huge names such as Tuborg, Cosmopolitan Magazine and Virgin Media, and only being a fresher in university, now that is some awesome work experience.

Now I’ve got to hand it to them, the Campus Industries team are amazingly friendly and welcome you in to their little work family and still keep up their professionalism. I’m not going to lie; these past 6 weeks have been some of the most enjoyable and educating weeks of my life. I have learnt a lot of vital skills that will hopefully put me ahead in my working career. They have helped me gain a massive amount of confidence due to the fact that you are given responsibilities, which I have given 100% of effort to. I’m going to miss the internship and the new friends I have made. But you never know, fingers crossed, they’ll let me come back!



From hitting the road and visiting different universities across the country, to being part of a campaign for Cosmopolitan, to heading back to Campus HQ for office life, my placement has been non-stop!

Coming into Campus Industries as an intern I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, as their clients are so diverse. For the first two weeks of my placement I got stuck in quickly, travelling the country to countless universities to delight students with the latest edition of Cosmo on Campus. This also included me helping out with on campus events, such as promoting and selling Cosmopolitan magazine, alongside handing out various freebies and goody bags to meeting loads of new people and students.

After hitting the road, it was back to Campus HQ to see what life in the office entailed. Here I helped out with various projects including social media, research projects, helping in their recruitment campaign for Virgin Media and even got the chance to go to York races for a Campus day out!!

Being on placement at Campus, I now have more understanding of different clients and the calibre of work they take on. I also have a deeper insight into what working in the marketing sector entails. Being in the heart of the action, I met many friendly new people, developed my social skills along the way and had a fun and enjoyable experience, one that will not be forgotten.


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