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I woke up at 7:30am after hardly sleeping – I was both nervous and excited. Today was the day I would start my 6-week placement at Campus Industries, a student marketing company based in Leeds.

During my first week, I found it quite overwhelming to be in a company that was so fast-paced; with over 1,000 Student Brand Ambassadors working for the company, the office is constantly busy with phone calls from both students and clients. Everyone seemed so organised and together, and were busy getting on with their work. And there was little old me, sat on the sofa, loading up my laptop ready to jump into work after being taken through a presentation about the company and their business plan. The nerves were beginning to get under control but after seeing the great client list, and how much Campus has already achieved, I was anxious to make a good impression.

My first task was to put together a list of lecturers’ and societies’ contact information for the Campus database so that they could reach out to key people at their target universities across the UK. We also gathered information for different accounts, looked into price comparisons to buy various items, and helped to find the perfect training location for a Student Ambassador training day (which I was happy about as they chose the venue I loved!).

I started to feel at ease in the office as I was introduced to more people. I realised that in these situations you just have to step out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there. It does make you feel more confident once you just go for it, and my work improved since I felt comfortable asking questions and checking that I was on the right track. I started speaking up more and talking to people, as well as finding out the stories behind all the cool decorative pieces around the office. For those of you who are looking for an insight into Campus Industries, they have snowboards put up as shelves, a pink Luchador wrestling mask, Gameboy-style pixel stickers on the wall, and tons of memorabilia around the whole office from clients like Smirnoff, Lucozade and Guinness.

The weeks are broken up at Campus by their Breakfast Meetings – we got to feast on fresh croissants, bagels, yogurt and fruit. Breakfast is followed by a team meeting, where the Account Managers give everyone an update on their account. It’s also a time to bring up any new business, or ideas for current clients and campaigns. I really liked the dynamic of making it a relaxed breakfast meeting instead of a more formal meeting, and it’s a great way to start the day.

As my placement continued, I worked a lot on the Fused Bills account, an all-inclusive bills company. I was asked to write some blog posts to be published on the Fused website which was really great for me as I’ve written blogs in the past so it was fun to get back into it again. I wrote mostly about my experiences as a student in order to give useful, relevant advice to future students – Fused is all about being upfront and honest with students, and helping them out with any problems they might face at university.

I also helped to set up Student Brand Ambassador job vacancy postings for Fused Bills on numerous university jobshop websites. This was vital as Campus had to recruit and train their Ambassadors in time for the end of the semester. It was surprisingly interesting as I’ve spent plenty of time looking up and applying to jobs online, so it was good to get an insight into the behind-the-scenes of the process. The training day itself was really fun, as well as being thoroughly informative and useful. I will be a Fused Brand Ambassador when I finish my placement, and this day gave me the opportunity to meet some of the other Ambassadors.

Overall, the past 6 weeks have opened my eyes and given me a great insight into Marketing. It is a fast-paced industry and you constantly have to be one step ahead. This is especially true at Campus since they work with students, meaning that they have to stay ahead of new trends and fashions. It’s been fascinating sitting in on brainstorms for new ideas, and watching how they develop. My internship at Campus Industries has definitely been a great learning experience, with a steep learning curve, and has made me really keen to return to the world of marketing after graduation!

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