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The online site Blippy, celebrating its first anniversary this January, is “bringing purchases to life” as shoppers critique each other’s purchases online. But, is this just another digital step towards an Orwell’s surveillance society?

The site publishes transactions from sites such as Ebay, Amazon and make up gurus Sephora. Creators claim that it’s a great way of sharing a means of social expression, “It’s an honest way to express interests and values”. Hmmm.

Blippy encourages comment on the items that they share claiming, “It’s a great feeling to find strangers who like the same movie or read the same book”. So, it’s not all about shameless self-promotion. Blippy’s secret weapon might just be the peer review aspect. Still tirelessly searching for the perfect lipgloss girls? Look no further than the helpful (and sometimes cutting) comments

Blippy has big investors in Twitter, and it’s sure to be a huge success. But is the site which claims to be “where people obsessively write reviews about everything they buy” the end of privacy as we know it? We think so, goodbye anonymity!

From our vast experience on campus, we find students are very reluctant to give away any personal details. This is usually because it is the first time they have lived away from home and managed their own lives. They often need a little reassurance before handing over any details. Luckily we have BMs on site to provide that reassurance face-to-face making the whole process more personal. This human reassurance won’t be present for Blippy, so the initial commitment may prove difficult for the student market. However, with students being an impressionable bunch known for setting and following trends, this could have a huge impact on the way students make their purchasing decisions. We will be keeping a very keen eye on the future developments of Blippy, watch this space.

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