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Campus Industries HQ has been abuzz with excitement this February as The Body Shop launched their new ‘Brush With Fashion’ make-up range, in collaboration with London College of Fashion.

Leading up to the student discount day on the 17th February it was all hands on deck for team Campus. Our brand managers bolstered the promotions at fourteen of the top selling Body Shop stores in the UK. Handing out personal invitations to girls on campus and driving fleets of their cohorts into town for a seriously close brush with fashion!

Back at base (and a multitude of student houses around the UK) our social media savvy students cultivated an impressive digital commotion. With over 25,000 Facebook invitations sent, we certainly put the wind in ‘Brush With Fashion’s’ sails (and sales)!

The whole day was a first class BA in fashion, with students receiving VIP treatment in store, making the spring line hugely popular on campus. The Body Shop’s new affinity with fashion could definitely lead to something beautiful!

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