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After months of preparation September saw the launch of Smirnoff’s first ever student ambassador campaign as the #Classof21 was born!

Hundreds of outgoing brand ambassador wannabes were put through their paces at our specially designed and somewhat unconventional assessment centres. The forty top candidates were then whisked away to complete their training at a top secret Smirnoff HQ location which ensured that they were fully prepared to represent the Smirnoff brand on-campus.

Our Smirnoff Brand Ambassadors are the experts on their Campus and will have been at plenty of house parties, student club nights and on campus spreading some Smirnoff joy. Our mission is simple, give something back to the students, they deserve it! Each of the brand ambassadors are equipped with samples, cocktails, glitter, boom boxes and as much merchandise as they can carry to the house parties. For the larger events we have the lovely branded Landover to help transport the photo booth and an extremely heavy Smirnoff Gold shot bar to make sure club nights have that extra oomph!


So far we have visited some of the biggest student venues around the UK including the one and only Nation. We teamed up with the Wednesday night Medication to bring some gold to Liverpool and help celebrate with the sports teams. We provided the shot bar, photo booth, plenty of glitter cannons and cloud-busters to make it a night to remember! Other events that have received the golden touch include Pangaea Fest in Manchester, Pop Tarts in Sheffield, Trent Army in Nottingham and many more to come in the New Year.

All the activity so far has received great feedback and we can definitely say students are pleasantly surprised by the taste of Smirnoff Gold! If you haven’t already, definitely get following your local Smirnoff twitter to keep up to date on what will be happening in the near future!

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